Obe Ori Okuta

Obe Ori Okuta

When I was I the university,  a friend shared one of her fondest memories of her grand mother. It was her pepper stew, called Obe Ori Okuta, loosely translated as Stew made on Stone. Basically it was stew made with pepper ground with locust beans on a traditional grinding stone, fried in bleached palm oil with no bouillon cubes,  just salt. The stew is served with any meal that calls for stew.




•    Peppers (Jalapeño / Scotch Bonnet Ratio 5 : 3)

•    Tomato  (optional)

•    Whole locust beans

•    * Powdered Crayfish

•    Salt

•    Palm oil


–   Blend  the pepper and locust beans to a smooth paste. I didn’t use no stone to grind it,  ain’t nobody got time for that.



–    Bleach palm oil,


–    Fry the blended pepper , season with salt and blended crayfish. Add pre cooked meat or fish and cook till well cooked.

This stew graced Ewedu that accompanied Amala tonight.



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