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Egusi Ijebu

Egusi Ijebu Egusi Ijebu is peculiar for its light and almost runny consistency and it is cooked without vegetables. Growing up my mum cooked this variant along with the variant cooked with vegetables. Interesting my husband prefers his Egusi without vegetables while I like it vegetables. Recipe 1 1/2 cups ground Egusi (Melon Seeds)Assorted Meats… Continue reading Egusi Ijebu

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Obe Ori Okuta

When I was I the university,  a friend shared one of her fondest memories of her grand mother. It was her pepper stew, called Obe Ori Okuta, loosely translated as Stew made on Stone. Basically it was stew made with pepper ground with locust beans on a traditional grinding stone, fried in bleached palm oil… Continue reading Obe Ori Okuta

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Ponmo (Pomo)Alata

Spicy Ponmo. Yummm! Ponmo is a delicacy! I don't know what the government thought they were saying, sometime last year, they want to ban Ponmo! We should put this curly cow hide on a national emblem already.I know a lot of people agree that ponmo is the truth. It's said that Ponmo has no nutritional… Continue reading Ponmo (Pomo)Alata

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Gizdodo is a happy marriage of fried plantain, fried gizzard and peppered stew. I've been trying to find the history of the dish but one thing I'm certain of is that it was made popular by caterers who served them at parties and events. Usually it is served at parties as a side dish or… Continue reading Gizdodo