Fried Yam and Fish Rolls

Fried Yam and Fish Rolls


I just played a “guess the dish” game, on two facebook groups. The only clue was that it is not made with flour. I laughed and nearly peed my pants when two of my Facebook buds answered Fried Eba and Okra! Jeez I must have a reputation for far fetched food experiments.
People this is just yam and fish served with pepper sauce by the side.




  • Yam
  • Fish
  • Salt
  • Bouillon Cubes
  • Pepper
  • Flour for dusting the board
  • Oil for frying.


  • Cut yam and boil till well cooked and tender.
  • Season fish with salt, bouillon cubes and pepper, cook, debone and flake the fish and set aside.
  • When yam is done, mash till smooth in a bowl or in the pot.
  • Lightly flour a board, roll out the yam mold, trim out the edges. Spread some fish flakes along the edges and roll it over. Apply some water to the edges to seal it.
  • Sorry I don’t have a pictorial yet but you can see the procedure used here in making sausages
  • Heat up some oil. Not extremely hot and fry the yam till slightly crisp and a warm golden brown. Don’t let it burn as the yam would start to taste bitter.

Serve with pepper sauce, it tastes great together


9 thoughts on “Fried Yam and Fish Rolls

  1. I love ur blog.will visit more often fr recipes n new trials on fud n snacks.ur explanations are easy to understand n mur mthds easy to follow.kip it up.


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