Jam filled Puff – Puff

Jam filled Puff – Puff


Move over Doughnuts,  Puff – Puff filled with Jam is in the building.

This is what happens when me and my only brother ChocBoy enter into the kitchen. He wanted Chocolate filled Puff – Puff,  I didn’t have chocolate syrup so I pulled out Mango jam and injected into the puff. My days! This is the shiznit.

You guys should give it a try.
See recipe for making Puff-Puff  here .



When your puff puff is fried, take a clean sterile syringe without the needle , fill it with jam. *If your jam is too thick, add a little juice or hot water to make it a little light.

Pierce a side of your puff puff and inject some jam. See picture above.


Surprise your guests, they wouldn’t believe it!

2 thoughts on “Jam filled Puff – Puff

  1. But Ladun why does my puff puff jot come out puffy always flat n dry no matter what i try so sad tat i yave not been able to get it sha


    1. There are two reasons I can think of.
      1. Your yeast is not active
      2. Too much water

      Follow my recipe to the letter using the correct measurements and you would smile this time.


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