Banga Soup

Banga Soup

Finger licking goodness, a delicacy of the Deltans of the South – South of Nigeria. Made from creamy palm nut extract and brought to life by mix of exotic spices, and fresh water fish banga soup is one king of a soups.

One of my aunts had a Nanny, Mama Onome who would make a big batch of banga soup and store in the fridge for us to eat. The woman made it look so easy to make, my first time making it especially since I was make the palm nut extract myself I realised how much work it was. You don’t have to make the palm nut extract, buy the canned ones. The rest is a breeze. See how good it looks, It tastes great too


Other versions of palm nut soup are Ofe Akwu and Abak Atama



  • 3 Cups Palm Nuts (To make palm nut extract)
  • 1.5 kg Fresh Fish e.g Tilapia or Croaker (I used frozen Cod fish).
  • 1 Oburunbebe Stick
  • I tbsp Scotch Bonnet (less or more depending on how much heat you can take)
  • 1 tsp Banga Spice (this a mixture of the exotic spices that make banga soup what it is, I won’t even attempt to spell the spices cause I would get it wrong)
  • Smoked Prawns
  • 1 Cup properly washed and cleaned periwinkle in shell
  • Smoked Catfish
  • *Fresh Prawns (optional)
  • Stock Fish
  • 1 tbsp dried crushed Bitterleaf or Obeletientien leaves.
  • Salt
  • Bouillon Cubes


To make Palm nut extract.

  • Boil Palm nuts till the skin is tender and pliable.
  • In a mortar pound till the skin falls off from the kernel.
  • Add about 3 cups of warm water and rinse the pulp, using a mesh sieve, strain the liquid and collect in a pot.

Making Banga Soup

  • Place Palm nut extract on heat , add the oburunbebe stick and allow it to heat up.
  • Add Blended pepper, stock fish, smoked fish, smoked prawns, banga spice, salt and seasoning. Bring it to boil.
  • Add Fresh fish and let it cook till done. Don’t use a spoon to stir the pot just shake it. Turn the heat down. Add washed periwinkles, fresh prawns if you are using any. Then add the crushed dried leaves, I used Obeletientien
  • I learnt a tip when Dunni was in my kitchen not to over cook Banga after all the spices have been added as it tends to taste over salted.
  • You know your soup is ready when some oil starts to float at the top.

Enjoy your delicious Banga Soup!

17 thoughts on “Banga Soup

  1. Babes Omolabake, thanks for the recipe. Just made mine now. Wish I could post some pics for you to see. Good bless you loads!


  2. I love and really crave banga soup. My only challenge is how to get the Oburunbebe stick and banga spice. Good work dear, keep it coming.


    1. If you live in Nigeria and you have a market where there are women who sell spices for igbo and south south soups, you’d get from there. Or check your local African foods store.


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