Oil less Efo Riro

Oil less Efo Riro


My current diet plan has taught me something which I’ve always known, there are no shortcuts to weight loss. Whatever fancy pill or detox drink you are on, it would be in vain without eating clean and some exercise. Beyond the weight loss,  maintenance and healthy living is very important.
My husband always gives me the side eye when I speak of weight loss, he thinks I have no business with weight loss. I think otherwise, knowing how I loved being 65 kg pre- pregnancies. Now at 73 kg (5 ft 7 inches) I aim to leave the 70 ‘ s zone. I’ve succeeded many times and I fall hard on my face again and I start again. I’ve found what works for me, exercise! Unfortunately this is the first time in 5 yrs I’ve not been to the gym in 6 months, business has been BUSY!

So I got a detox pack with includes some shakes and herbal potions, just for a quick fix. However after  seeing that I’d over shot my calorie target times 5, I knew it was time to start again. Many bottles of almond milk, rice milk, cucumber and Aloe Vera juice and counting calories after I just wanted some pepper and good old Nigerian Soup.


The recipe and Procedure is same as normal Efo Riro, but without any oil.


  • Efo Tete (1 bowl rinsed and shredded, bowl in this case is a 3 litre bowl)
  • Coarsely blended pepper mix containing 10 Atarodo (scotch bonnet / habenero) ,1 Tatashe  (capsicum or bell pepper or jalapeño ), 1 Tomato
  • 1 large Onion chopped
  • Assorted Meats and Fish
  • 1 tbsp Iru (locust beans)
  • 1 tbsp Powdered Crayfish
  • 1 soft curly Ponmo (chopped)
  • Salt


  • Pick, Wash, Slice and blanch vegetable in warm water.
  • Wash, season and parboil the meats, don’t add too much water.
  • Coarsely blend pepper and onions.
  • Add blended pepper to cooked meat with iru and Stock fish and crayfish.
  • *DO NOT COVER THE POT.  The intention here is to allow all the water evaporate.
  • Season with salt and bouillon cubes, if needed.
  • Allow pepper to cook, you’d know it is ready when all the water is completely reduced and you can see the pepper start to simmer.
  • Now add the sliced and slightly blanched vegetables, stir the pot carefully from the bottom to top, till the pepper is well mixed with the vegetable.
  • Turn the heat down and allow vegetables to cook for about 5 mins, because you want to retain the brilliant green colour and some crunch. Do not cover still.
  • Once ready, turn off heat and wait about 10 minutes before you put a lid on your pot.

Pair with any other food you like .


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