Cream of Prawn Soup

Cream of Prawn Soup

Warm creamy hearty bowl of soup. A great starter soup. Suitable for any time the day. Dazzle with this super easy to make bowl of soup. I enjoy having it with fresh bread rolls.

I woke up pretty early today to get Panipopo bread going. I had left the dough in the fridge over night for the second proofing, and while waiting for it to get to room temperature before popping in the oven, I made the soup and even took pictures. It is that quick and easy to make.



•   1 Kg Jumbo Prawns  (shelled, devined and chopped)

•   1 Cup Heavy cream (Use full cream milk if you can’t find heavy cream)

•   2 tbsp Flour

•   20 g Butter

•   *1 tbsp vegetable oil

•   1 medium sized Onions chopped

•    3 large garlic pieces chopped•   1 Seasoning cube

•    1/2 tbsp Cayenne pepper (optional but I like heat)

•    Basil leaves chopped (optional but I think basil pairs well with seafood)

•   Juice of half a lemon

•    1.5 Cups water
•  Salt to taste


Prep time to Cook time is a total of about 30 minutes.

–    Marinate your Prawns with the  juice of one lemon, chopped basil and Salt and set aside.

–  Melt butter in a pot on fire, add a liitle oil to prevent the butter from burning. If using margarine you don’t need oil.
Add chopped onions and garlic and fry till tender, don’t let it burn,  add flour to it and stir to make a white roux. (white roux is a mixture created by cooking flour and butter as a thickening agent).

–   Remove roux from fire and add heavy cream or milk, making sure it does not form lumps, add  or water if too thick. If it forms lumps you can remove and sieve.

–   Put back on fire on medium heat, allow to simmer for 10 mins  (skim of the scum if any) then season  with salt, seasoning cubes, pepper and  evaporated milk
–   Add  prawn, leave to simmer for about 5mins and add some more chopped basil. Turn off the heat.

Serve hot soup with bread rolls.

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