Ayamase Sauce (Green Ofada Sauce)

Ayamase Sauce (Green Ofada Sauce)

Ofada Sauce, White Rice and Pink Palmwine

Ayamase sauce is said to be native to Ogun state, there are two tales as to how the name is derived. One story says it was the secret recipe of Mrs Mase who lived in Ijebu made with green peppers. It is suggested that it was called Obe Aya Mase (soup of Mase’s wife) and it gained such popularity it became a household dish. Another story has it that “Ayamase” means “Wife do not cook” because it was such an expensive pot of soup to make, the wife might spend the entire household allowance to prepare it.

Ayamase Sauce

Ayamase can be called a designer stew of sorts. The meat-to-stew ratio is almost one-to-one, all sorts of meats, fish and eggs. Eggs are almost certainly a given. Ayamase is often served with Ofada Rice or Plain white rice but I pair it with all sorts of meals.

Ayamase with boiled ripe plantain.

Ofada Sauce can be made with red or green peppers, however, went it is made with green peppers that’s when it is called Ayamase Sauce.

Here is how to make Ayamase (Green Ofada Sauce)


  • Green bell pepper
  • Green Rodo (Scotch Bonnet)
  • Locust Beans
  • Powdered Crayfish
  • Smoked Fish (shredded)
  • Shredded Stock fish
  • Tripe (shaki)
  • Offals
  • Ponmo
  • Beef
  • Hard Boiled eggs
  • Onions (chopped)
  • Palm oil
  • Salt
  • Seasoning cubes
Green Bell Pepper + Green Rodo (scotch bonnet) you can decide what ratios work for you


  • Rinse your peppers and blend coarsely.
  • In a clean pot parboil the pepper till all the water completely reduces.
  • While boiling your pepper, wash your meats (beef, tripe,offals), season with salt, seasoning cubes, onions and cook, I usually take off the heads of my smoked catfish and boil with the meats for added flavour.
  • Soak the stock fish in warm water while the meats cook.
  • When the meats cook chop into small bits. Save the meat stock.
  • Bleach palm oil – you do this by heating the palm oil past smoke point, the oil may darken, please do this with the lid on so as not to hurt yourself .
  • Turn the heat off and let the oil cool, when it has cooled, turn the heat back on and add your chopped onions and locust beans, fry till the fragrance of the onions and iru fills the kitchen.
  • Now add meats, shredded smoked fish, stock fish, ponmo and fry, once fried,
  • Add the blended pepper with stock, taste and if necessary season with just a little more salt.
  • Cook till all the water in the mix evaporates and the stew starts to fry, depending on the quantity of oil you use, the oil may start to float.
  • Add boiled eggs at this point and then turn off the heat

Your delicious Ayamase is now ready

Serve with your accompaniment of choice.

White Rice with Ayamase Sauce

Drink Recommendation

FDVie Avocombo (Avocado+Pineapple +Orange + Ginger) Juice

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