How to make ègbo.

Egbo with Fried Palm oil Pepper Sauce and Fish.

For the life of me, I wouldn’t have thought I didn’t have a recipe for Egbo on the blog. Matter of fact, I took these pictures hoping to update the Egbo recipe I thought I had posted in 2015. I was surprised not to find any post. I went searching Facebook and I found my post on SYTYCC

These were pictures I shared June and July 2014 respectively on Facebook along with the post.

Egbo is a Corn Porridge dish made with dried corn that is milled roughly to break the corn kernel and then cooked with a little salt to taste

Plain Egbo

I’m not sure what tribe of the Yoruba people this delicious meal is native to.
It is sometimes served with beans and fried pepper sauce, but it can served just as with the pepper sauce.

Egbo and plain beans without pepper sauce.

Normally you take the corn to a special grinding mill where corn is milled to break it open and the chaff separated from the corn, but you can use any high-powered blender to crush the dried corn kernels too.

Crushed corn kernels using a high powered blender.



  • Crushed corn kernels
  • Water
  • Salt


  • Wash milled corn properly to get rid of loose chaff and excess starch.
  • Pour in a pot and cover with double the amount of water. It is better you use a pressure pot it cooks faster. If you don’t have a pressure never mind.
  • Allow to the corn to cook till very soft. Add salt to taste. For added favour you can add chopped onions into it.
  • Serve with pepper sauce or beans or as you prefer.
Egbo and beans with pepper sauce and fried fish.

Pepper Sauce Recipe

  • Pepper
  • Onions
  • Palm oil
  • Salt
  • *seasoning cubes (optional)
  • Crayfish powder
Bawa Pepper is my preferred pepper for the sauce.
  • Blend pepper with onions
  • Heat palm oil up and fry the blended pepper. Add salt, seasonings, crayfish powder
  • Cook till the sauce is cooked, add fried fish, let it simmer for 2-5 minutes then turn it off and serve.
Pepper sauce is earthenware pot

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