Garden Egg Sauce

Garden Egg Sauce

My sister came into the kitchen this morning as I was preparing to make garden egg sauce and she said, “Sis, isn’t this that sauce we hated as kids”. I told her, “Believe me, I now eat many of the things I hated as a child, so why not this one too”. 

Today probably is the first time I would eat Garden Egg sauce in probably 16 years. My husband on the other hand likes Garden Egg Sauce and for the 6 years we have been married, he has asked me several times to make it. My memories of garden egg sauce kept me from making it, well today I did and I loved it, so going forward I’d make new delicious memories of my own and share them with my children.  


  • 10 Garden Eggs
  • Blended pepper mix ( suggested mix 5 Jalapeño peppers ( Bawa / Sombo / long tatashe ) + 9 Tomatoes + 3 Scotch Bonnet ( Ata rodo ) + 1 large Onion 
  • 1 large de-boned , shredded mackerel fish (Smoked or Boiled)
  • 1 medium sized onion (chopped)
  • ½ cup bleached palm oil or vegetable Oil
  • 1 tbsp crayfish powder
  • *2 seasoning cubes (optional)
  • Salt (to taste)


  • Wash and take off the stalks on the garden eggs. Then boil till the garden eggs are tender, and the  skin can peel easily. Douse the boiled garden egg in cold water so it is easier to peel the skin off. Peeling the skin is optional 
  • Mash up or pulverise the softened garden egg
  • While boiling the garden eggs, heat up oil in a pan, and add the chopped onions.  Fry the onions lightly and add blended tomatoes and pepper.
  • Add your seasonings,  if you have stock, add a cup.
  • When the pepper is cooked and the water has reduced completely,  add the garden egg and the fish.
  • Cook for an additional 7 – 10 minutes with the lid on. 

Garden Egg Sauce is most popularly served with boiled yam,  you can pair  it with anything you want. Serve warm.

Garden Egg Sauce, grilled garden eggs and yam slices. (2016 blog image)

2 thoughts on “Garden Egg Sauce

  1. My sister used to make this sauce when she was schooling here. I love it and have been wanting to make it for a while. I even have garden eggs in my fridge that I bought just to make the sauce. And it is heavenly with yam! Your sauce and yam looks delicious.


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