It’s my 6th “blogiversary”

It’s my 6th “blogiversary”

Yaaaay! 6 years ago I created this blog to document my food therapies. I discovered my love for breaking food down into simple recipes on Facebook, as a member of the group SYTYCC (So You Think You Can Cook). I thought having a Facebook was sufficient, but I had a circle of people ( I like to call them aunties, they are like aunties to me) who encouraged and pushed that I start a blog as well.

I did late one night on the 8th of February 2015. And here we are. I look back at the quality some of the pictures I took at the time (*cringe* nope), it is a reminder of how far I’ve come on this journey and my reason for starting. Just the passion for sharing my food therapies with others.

So this is my thank you to everyone who has following This journey has been worthwhile because of you. Engagement is the life blood of any content creator. You have read the blog, left comments, shared posts, followed the social media pages, subscribed… Thank you for all you do. Thank you

You would think that to commemorate this day, I would share a new recipe! No! I would rather be vain and share pictures of me instead. Pictures I took on my birthday on the 10th of January.

Here is to the last 6 years. I’d drink some tea to that. Looking forward to what the future will unveil.


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