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Ipekere  (Plantain Chips)

Ipekere (Plantain Chips)

How to make Ipekere Use unripe plantains. I prefer the light green type as the plantain is easier to peel and it tastes slighty sweet. -    Cut plantain by making four vertical slashes on the sides and lift the peel. -    Using a potato peeler (I favour a potato peeler)or a small sharp … Continue reading Ipekere (Plantain Chips)

Peppered Baby Snails.

Peppered Baby Snails.

Fried Peppered snails with vegetables. Snail is one of my favourite meats to eat. And with the rainy season comes these snails. This pairs so well with white rice, boiled yam, boiled or fried plantains. Soft fried plantain with peppered baby snails (Image first shared in 2015) As a gardener, I don't exactly find seeing … Continue reading Peppered Baby Snails.

Roasted Plantain Wraps

Roasted Plantain Wraps

Yet another one for the plantain lovers. Married to a plantain/yam/ beans lover, I have to keep discovering new ways to present his favourite meals. Plantain features on my table a minimum of two times a week, see why it must never get boring? I started out planning to make roasted plantain hotdogs, then I … Continue reading Roasted Plantain Wraps

Plantizza (Plantain Pizza)

Plantizza (Plantain Pizza)

Once the experiment is plantain related, I can almost always never go wrong with Le Hubs. Tonight I decided to serve Plantain and Eggs with a flair and I loved and he loved it too. Recipe 6 Ripe Plantains 5 Eggs 1 large Green Bell pepper 1 large Red Bell Pepper 2 tomatoes 2 Sausage … Continue reading Plantizza (Plantain Pizza)

Fried Plantain on Skewers

This is yet another clever way to serve your plantain as finger food while hosting guests. You need Plantain Mini burger or Minced meat *spices and seasoning optional Vegetable Oil to fry Simply cut plantains in circles, fry till golden brown. To acompany the plantain you can use mini burgers or make some minced meat … Continue reading Fried Plantain on Skewers

Plantain Lasagna

My romance with plantain has made experiment with all sorts of appealing ways to cook and present plantain. Here is one of them. This was inspired by Ugo Joy Eke - Okoro' s post on Bella Naija, last year. Here goes. 6 Plantains 3kg minced meat 1 table spoon of Garlic (minced) Pepper Onion Carrot … Continue reading Plantain Lasagna

Plantain Sandwich

I used to think I loved plantain until i met Le Hubs, his next best food asides beans is plantain, one food you'd always find in my store is a bunch of ripe plantains, hence the need to always find ingenious ways to  make plantain, this is one of his favorites aside the plantain waffle … Continue reading Plantain Sandwich

Plantain Waffles ; Fitfam Option

Plantain Waffles with Bacon wrapped omelette and lettuce, and Sweet Soy/Pepper Syrup. Not a piece was left on the plate! Recipe. Plantain Waffles •   2 Ripe Plantain •   1 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper (ground pepper /Ata gigun) *   Salt to taste optional *   1 egg optional,( you can use 1/8 cup … Continue reading Plantain Waffles ; Fitfam Option