Natural Remedies for Indigestion

Being a foodie has some downsides. I occasionally have indigestion. I shared on the blog some of my natural remedies for indigestion. Fennel seeds , Greek yogurt, Lemon water, Lemon mint water. I like adding crushed candies to my fennel sides, because that is how I first had it in an Indian restaurant. I buy fennel seeds from hausa spice sellers. It's pleasant tasting, tastes like liquorice, adding candy makes it more pleasant. I chew a handful and relieves indigestion. Same with Yogurt, Lemon slice in water. What natural remedies do you use for indigestion.

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Tea Time; Let’s Have Homemade Herbal Tea

Did you know you can make your own tea using a blend of your favorite herbs and spices? I do that all the time and i want to share one of my mixes with you. The beauty of this is that, this is made with locally grown spices readily available in the market, especially from… Continue reading Tea Time; Let’s Have Homemade Herbal Tea