Yam Pottage

Growing up i was not a huge yam pottage fan , most people call it yam porridge  . My dad cooks the best yam pottage, he made me like it. Well maybe because the man would nearly finish all the ingredients in the pantry that was meant for four pots of soup into one pot of pottage.   Before I cook yam pottage,  the yam has to be right, and by right I mean it has to be the variety that crumbles when you pierce it with a fork when it’s cooked, sweet and  preferably white Yam. I like my yam pottage to have some broth and chunky pieces of yam so I eat it with a spoon -squishy and chewy-. I really love to have vegetable in my pottage, le hubs doesn’t really  care for vegetable so I add mine separately.

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•    Yam

•    Blended peppers and onion

•    Meat stock

•    Powdered Crayfish

•    Bouillon Cubes

•    Palm Oil

•    * bits of meats,  fish


–    Peel, wash and cut yam into chunks. Add some water, salt, bouillon cubes and if you have meat stock, add the meat stock. I’ve found that yam cooked in meat stock yields great tasting yam pottage.

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–   When the yam is cooked  (you can pass a fork through )add palm oil,  blended pepper,  powdered crayfish. If you need to, you can add more water but be careful not to add too much.


–   Add your bits of precooked meats, fish, egg or fresh prawns .

–    Stir all together and Cook on medium heat still all the ingredients are well incorporated and the broth has a slightly thick consistency.

–   *If adding vegetable,  add just before you turn off the heat. This is so as not to over cook, the heat would cook it through even after the heat has been turned off.

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