Corn Moinmoin (Abari)

Corn Moinmoin (Abari)

Abari, a savoury Steamed Corn pudding. It is also called Ekoki, Ekusu, Sapala, Nri Oka etc.

Yesterday I bought some fresh corn with the hope of making Adalu. I started reading some comments on my Ekuru post on Facebook and some commenters made reference to Abari/Sapala.  I decided I was going to give it a try. I combed through the internet for recipes and I realised the process is same as moinmoin, just switch corn for beans and put your own spin on it.

This blog post was first made in 2015, pictures on the post were recently updated to reflect where I am in my blogging journey.

You can learn how to wrap moin-moin in leaves by watching this video i made here.

Corn Moi Moi

Corn moi moi is sweet and has a high fibre content. Nourishing and delicious.


  • Fresh Corn
  • Jalapeño peppers ( Bawa / Sombo / long tatashe )
  • Onions
  • Smoked Mackerel
  • Smoked prawns (powdered).
  • Vegetable oil


  • If you corn is still in cob, use a knife to take it off the cob
  • In a blender purée corn
  • Blend pepper, onion, and smoked prawns and add to the paste

–    Add vegetable oil and smoked mackerel

  • Wrap in leaves (traditional) or in a polythene bag (I don’t recommend this) or tin foil or ramekins… whatever rocks your boat.
  • Steam cook till it is set and all cooked through.

This is my first time trying this or tasting it and I nailed it, it tastes so good, I don’t know why I’ve never had it before. Le hubs also liked it but because he is not adventurous, I’m foresee me being the only one relishing this 3 times out of 4 when I make it again.

In keeping with my portion control and keeping my eating clean I served mine with Steamed Vegetable – Ugu, onions and mackerel – .

Abari with 7 lives. There’s egg, fish, crayfish… a lot of good stuff going on in there.

7 thoughts on “Corn Moinmoin (Abari)

  1. This is beautiful! I’m sure making this. i was beginning to be tired of having the same food items deconstructed in different ways everyday….this weight-loss lifestyle needs some spice!! Thanks!!


  2. I tink i av to get a recipe book, I shud nt be missing out on ds page ‘OUNJE’. Ds recipes are indeed grate. I love dt Ponmo Alata joo.


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