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Gbegiri with a generous amount of Iru flanked by it's regular musketeers, Ewedu, Goat Meat Stew and Amala Gbegiri, Beans soup, a popular delicacy amongst the Yoruba people especially my Ibadan brethren. Gbegiri with a generous amount of Iru The most popular food business in Ibadan is the "Amala" business and no Amala buka worth … Continue reading Gbegiri

Gbegiri (Beans Soup)with Pasta, Cod fish and Sweet Peppers

Inspired by Dooney's Kitchen and one Chicken noodle soup that haunted me all day the day before. Since I'm not eating chicken for now. I went with fish. Recipe 3 cooking spoons of pre made gbegiri 1 Cod fish (cut into bite sized chunks) 1/2 Red bell pepper (chopped ) 1/2 Green bell pepper (chopped … Continue reading Gbegiri (Beans Soup)with Pasta, Cod fish and Sweet Peppers


Good ol' Akara I made a post celebrating Akara as the ultimate street food illustrating 4 types of akara you can find on the streets. We all have several different methods for making the ultimate akara balls but this is my own personal tip. Believe it or not as simple as it is to make … Continue reading SECRET TO GREAT AKARA BALLS.

Ewa Aganyin

Beans is the most often cooked meal in my house, husband dearest is a die hard beans lover. In his world, there is no such thing as too much beans. So when I was thinking what to make him for Vals dinner it was a no brainer. He loves beans, so I'd make him beans … Continue reading Ewa Aganyin

Moin Cakes.

Good old moin moin with a face lift.  Le hubs thought I had made cup cakes when I stepped out of the kitchen with these. I had a good laugh and told him it was moinmoin made with cup cake molds and topped with mashed sweet potatoes. Recipe Moinmoin 2 cups honey beans Jalapeno  Pepper … Continue reading Moin Cakes.