Bean Dishes, Soups, Stews and Sauces



Gbegiri, Beans soup, a popular delicacy amongst the Yoruba people especially my Ibadan brethren. The most popular food business in Ibadan is The Amala business and no Buka worth it’s salt would omit to have Gbegiri on its menu. As much as I love to cook i love my trips to the Buka even more.‪#‎skyelolo‬ tinz.

How to make Gbegiri
You need 
Brown or white black eyed Beans
Locust Beans Palm oil
Cayenne pepper (ground dried pepper)
Powdered Crayfish
Seasoning cubes (I favour knorr cubes) Salt to taste.

Procedure  Peel Beans and cook till tender, When the beans is tender you can either use the tradition broom whisk -ijabe- to whisk the beans to a purée or pass through a fine seive collecting the smooth pulp into a pot or use a blender to blend it to a smooth paste. If you use the Broom or the blender you still have to pass through a fine seive to remove any chaff or residue. Return the Pulp to the heat and and add your palm oil, pepper, locust beans, powdered crayfish, seasoning cubes and salt to taste add a little more water if necessary to let the soup be slightly runny. Cook on medium heat and watch the soup as it has a tendency to boil over. Cook till the soup starts to thicken slightly and turn off the heat -this is because gbegiri has the tendency to quickly turn to a thick sludge when it cools-. Serve with Ewedu or alone like I have it here and enjoy with Amala or Amala Lafun (white Amala /cassava Amala ) or any of your favourite swallow. image When Gbegiri is served with Ewedu, it is called Abula.


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