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Tres Leche Dalgona Coffee

Happy hour version of the Dalgona coffee! Just because... Or didn't you know coffee and liquer are a perfect match. I along with millions of other people around the world caught the Dalgona bug. This made me drink instant coffee again. Until the Dalgona buzz I had stopped drinking instant coffee. I bought fantastic coffee… Continue reading Tres Leche Dalgona Coffee

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Homemade Ginger Beer

Charity walk every first term was something i always looked forward to because it was an opportunity to buy Ginger Beer from Goshen (Old Kingsway, or Leventis Supermarket Ibadan). I went to ISI and charity walk was one of the events that led up to Foundation week. We would walk over 20 kilometres to raise… Continue reading Homemade Ginger Beer

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Native Fisherman Soup

I've heard that it's been said, that the way to a girl's heart is through seafood. Right? Lol! I totally made that up, but seafood sure is the way to my heart! A few days ago a facebook friend asked if I had a recipe for Native Fisherman soup on the blog, I realized I… Continue reading Native Fisherman Soup


Chicken Egg Vegetable Salad

When people say, "I need recipe for Salad", I just smile. And that is because that is about the vaguest question ever! There are as many Salad recipes as there are edible vegetables and as many combinations you can think up! After making Club Sandwich yesterday, I had left over... Egg slices, Shredded chicken breast,… Continue reading Chicken Egg Vegetable Salad

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Bini Owo Soup

When I shared the recipe for Owho Soup the Urhobo version, a facebook asked if I had tried out the Bini version. I told her I hadn't and I would love to. She sent me a couple of video links. And it was quite intriguing. The cooking method is different from that of the Urohobos.… Continue reading Bini Owo Soup


Natural Remedies for Indigestion

Being a foodie has some downsides. I occasionally have indigestion. I shared on the blog some of my natural remedies for indigestion. Fennel seeds , Greek yogurt, Lemon water, Lemon mint water. I like adding crushed candies to my fennel sides, because that is how I first had it in an Indian restaurant. I buy fennel seeds from hausa spice sellers. It's pleasant tasting, tastes like liquorice, adding candy makes it more pleasant. I chew a handful and relieves indigestion. Same with Yogurt, Lemon slice in water. What natural remedies do you use for indigestion.

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Mango Cream

Two ingredients is all you need! Mango Juice and Heavy Cream and you will be Mango cream heaven! I know right!! Super easy Oh and you need a blender or a mixer to whip them both together Procedure 1 Cup Mango Juice (Fresh Mango Juice works best) 3/4 Cup Heavy Cream (in Nigerian stores they… Continue reading Mango Cream