Twisted Lemon Doughnuts with Lemon Syrup

Lemon is my favourite citrus to cook with. It is such a versatile citrus, from sweets to savory, seafood to meats it works beautifully with almost everything. And so why not doughnuts. Twisting the dough is the twist to this doughnut. Yikes... that joke fell flat on its face. Whatever you get it... right. Anyhoo,… Continue reading Twisted Lemon Doughnuts with Lemon Syrup

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Ube Hummus 

I've been quite obsessed with Ube the last couple of days. After making a Corn on Cob rubbed with Ube a few days back, I realised Ube can be a great Dip, pretty much like Hummus. Hummus is originally made with chickpeas, it's of middle eastern origin. Since Ube already pairs well with Corn, I tried it… Continue reading Ube Hummus 

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Coconut Milk Biscuits

It's funny how I file all my baking therapies in the "Not Really A Baker" category. Well I love to cook and sometimes it involves baking and I'm game, but so that people won't start asking me questions I have no real answer I have to make the a disclaimer. I spent 3 days dreaming… Continue reading Coconut Milk Biscuits


Buns (Nigerian Style)

I was just minding my business this evening, -surfing around the internet, waiting for my pounded yam to digest, and monitoring the election results on Channels TV.- when my friend Tolu Adegbite buzzed me to ask for Buns recipe. I had no prior plans to make buns but I found myself heading for the kitchen… Continue reading Buns (Nigerian Style)