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Baking with the boys (Part 2); Rainbow Cookies

Remember how I told you the boys wanted rainbow cookies and a rainbow cake? After our successful outing with our Rainbow Cake, they were quite excited to get on with the cookies. I was very busy the next day and got home rather late but they were not relenting. This time, the boys came with… Continue reading Baking with the boys (Part 2); Rainbow Cookies


Buns (Nigerian Style)

I was just minding my business this evening, -surfing around the internet, waiting for my pounded yam to digest, and monitoring the election results on Channels TV.- when my friend Tolu Adegbite buzzed me to ask for Buns recipe. I had no prior plans to make buns but I found myself heading for the kitchen… Continue reading Buns (Nigerian Style)


Bite sized Sausage Rolls (Nigerian Style)

It's elections day in Nigeria today and as such most people are indoors.  I am because I could not get my PVC (Permanent Voters Card), it got lost somehow in the custody of INEC. I know however that whoever it is Nigeria elects, the road ahead would not be smooth. So while others defy the… Continue reading Bite sized Sausage Rolls (Nigerian Style)

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Homemade Nigerian Roasted Peanuts/Groundnuts

Roasted Peanut or Groundnut as it is called in Nigeria is a very popular snack. I remember hawkers carrying roasted groundnut, dankwa and pop corn in glass cases on their heads, they would use a fork to tap the case and make a rhythmic noise to attract people in the area to come and buy.… Continue reading Homemade Nigerian Roasted Peanuts/Groundnuts