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Plantain Veggie Sauce

This was inspired by a post I saw last night on "So You Think You Can Cook". The poster didn't have enough time to share her recipe but I created this from visual inspiration . Trust me when I say this is so delicious. You can eat it alone or pair with Rice  Recipe  3… Continue reading Plantain Veggie Sauce

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Ugba Salad 

This recipe is courtesy of an amazing lady i met on facebook, Ngozi Ogwuegbu Nnopuechi. She made the "awesomest" Ugba Salad for a hangout some time back and she was kind enough to share her recipe with me when i asked her. This is a shout out to her. I sent her a picture of… Continue reading Ugba Salad 

Bean Dishes


Shout out to everyone from Kwara State -my state by marriage- #ProudlyIgbominaWife. I fell deeper in love with Ekuru after marrying a Kwara man. Ekuru is a meal made by steaming blended beans. It's also Ofunloju by some. Ekuru is usually enjoyed with fried pepper sauce and Eko (Steamed White corn pudding). I learnt some… Continue reading Ekuru